File Upload Issues - php,ini, phpinfo and error messages contradict

software development


I’ve created a form that allows authorized users to upload files to my dropbox using DropboxUploader.php. It works great for smaller files, until I realized that I needed to up some of the limits in my php.ini.

I did so, and those larger limits are reflected properly when I check phpinfo.

According to both phpinfo and my php.ini file, I have set:
post_max_size 100M
upload_max_filesize 99M
max_execution_time 30
memory_limit 120M

Great. So here’s what happens:

Files around 7MB and under upload successfully (basically, anything that would have uploaded successfully under the default settings).

But when I try to upload a really big file around the size of 80MB, the server just hangs (browser says “Sending request…”), and stays that way until I close or refresh. First of all, if this was a process issue, shouldn’t the max_execution_time put a stop to it at some point? If that’s not the problem, what’s causing the eternal request?

AND—I programmed my form to echo $_FILE errors when they’re thrown so I can try to figure out what’s happening. If I try to upload a file around 8-10MB (basically, larger than the default settings, but not huge), I get this error: “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”

Huh?? php.ini has that set to 99MB, and that number is confirmed when I check phpinfo(). So how can that be?

ALSO: I realize dreamhost sets its own limit to these things that can be exceeded. But I can’t find any documentation as to what those limits are. If the settings I try to set exceed their imposed limits, shouldn’t phpinfo reflect the maximum allowed by dreamhost, not the maximum I inputted?