File Transfer question

Is it possible to transfer one file from one filehost/webhost to another? Heres the scenario

I have a file on rapidshare and i want to transfer it here to dreamhost and then download it from there. So is it possible?

If yes, then how?

For transferring files from a remote resource to your web space, I’d like to recommend wget.

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Somebody else also suggested wget but I can’t understand one word about wget on that wiki page.

Can you check this

and confirm is its the same thing as wget.

Also, i suppose it isn’t a resource intensive script right?

No. That is not the same thing at all, and it will not work at DreamHost because allow_url_fopen is disabled in the DreamHost php.ini file.

Using wget is actually quite simple, but it requires that you use SSH to login to the Unix Shell on DreamHost’s server.

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What I mean to say is that do they accomplish the same task? Well SST works, I just transfered from rapidshare to dreamhost.

Also does dreamhost allow rapid leech?? Which effectively leeches/transfers files from free file hosts to any host. By allow i mean without any issues (banning or anything).

I am not familiar with any other system of remote file transfer that can do as well as wget. I have no experience with the other methods you mention.

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I don’t see any reason why the script itself wouldn’t be allowed, though I can see lots of ways you could get into trouble using it.

These ways could range from CPU/memory usage issues to possible copyright infringement issues depending on how you use the program and what you are transferring. The usage of the script itself is not likely to be a problem if used wisely ( doesn’t negatively impact the performance of your shared server) and in compliance with the TOS (which is important to avoid “banning” or loss of account).

I suggest you read and understand the DH wiki CPU Resources FAQ, the DH Wiki article on Finding the Causes of Heavy Usage, the material posted in the DreamHost Abuse Center, and the DreamHost Terms of Service.

If after reading through those resources, and evaluating what you want to do in those terms, should you still have a question about whether your intended usage is “allowable”, I suggest you contact DreamHost Support directly to get an authoritative answer.

While we are happy to share out opinions most of the time, we are only customers here like you and our answers are not authoritative about such things. :wink: