File Size too large for PHP (subtitle..Why isn't this larger?)



Good day all,

I have some serious “noob” questions here, so please bear with me. I have done a fair amount of searching on this forum as as PHP and WordPress forums.

Let me tell you what I’m running so I get that out of the way.

PHP 5.3 x FastCGI. Was using the default at the beginning of this which is PHP 5.2 x FastCGI.

The current WordPress of 3.4.1.

So here are the issues:

  1. Bought a lovely nice theme from When I discovered that (after a few times of trying to upload) I can’t. I get the dreaded (but seems to be very common) “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” error. Ok, got it. So I go searching thru this web thingy. I find a few resources.

Found heaps on this like this:

and my favourite: (which I’ll come back to in a moment).

Right. At this point I didn’t even know where I needed to go get do any of the suggested repairs. I am a noob in many ways with this.

Ok, found out that I needed to FTP into the backend. (Had to figure out the FTP username/password thing.) Got it…I see the files I need to get too.

I look for a “php.ini” file. None to be had. Damm.

Finally found a php.ini file that I could use (from the favourite link above) Used Text Edit (Mac), saved as a php.ini file, dropped it in. No dice.

Back and forth, broke the Database (password problems), fixed the Database issue. But still have the issue of not uploading the file. Now, if I do create and upload the php.ini file (do I save as that, using the ini as the extension?) where the heck do I put it?

In the root of the website folder? (as it was suggested on a few site)
In a sub-folder? (again suggested)
In a sub-sub-folder? (yep, suggested even again!)

On the moon?

As you know Dreamhost can only go so far as support, that is why I turn to you, the consul of the wise.
Oh, as an aside, I am not too afraid of doing code, but have an allergy to terminal commands. I’m a GUI kinda guy.


Did you read through this page that lists Dreamhost’s recommended methods for creating your own php.ini with the size overrides you need? Yes there is a big red warning on that page but, yes, it is doable by even noobs. :slight_smile: