File Size Question

I have the happy free hosting plan for non profits. I just recently uploaded some html files and we moved to dreamhost because of the free hosting didnt require a forum login as X10’ free hosting plan did, and also because of the reputation and virtually limitless files and bandwidth. With that said, our goal as a church is to have video sermons on the site from each sunday. I have went through and created a shell of what he are wanting it to look like. The only problem i see is that the swf/flv files are still going to be too large to upload with net2ftp because its limit says 4MB file size and a 30 sec upload time limit. Anyone have suggestions or am i missing something? Also anyone who is more advanced than me which is more than likely everyone is welcome to give advice on design and implementation for our site. Our church members give feedback to me as well but i have to figure it all out and currently their are numerous issues but lets tackle the video problem first.

Shawn P

all help, suggestions, and code to improve our site is appreciated.

Then don’t use Net2FTP! It’s mainly just intended for quick fixes, not as a primary tool for maintaining your web site. There are a bunch of “real” desktop FTP clients listed on the DreamHost Wiki at:

If you’re on Windows, for instance, Filezilla is an excellent choice.

LOL@myself. that was an obvious answer i guess i was thinking that it was the only thing dh allowed. Im guessing they have the addresses etc available in that wiki. ill check it out. Thanks so much.

all help, suggestions, and code to improve our site is appreciated.