File size limit increase?

I see the file size limit in php.ini is 2mb, can it be increased? i cant even upload a pdf document(2mb+).then whats the use of having so much space…!

I don’t know what php.ini you are looking at, as all the default DH PHP installations have “upload_max_filesize” set at 7MB. If that is not enough, you can always install your own version of PHP, or use a custom php.ini witha copy of the default DH PHP, and set it however you want (though, practically, you will be hard pressed to achieve greater than around 90MB or so with PHP on DreamHost due to memory constraints). There are articles on how to do this in the DH wiki, and many discussions about this process on these forums. :wink:

There are a lot of other (and probably better!) ways to “upload”, or otherwise “put”, files onto your server space other than using PHP (perl, sftp, ftp, rsync, wget, etc). :wink:


thx buddy, but my current file size limit is 2mb.the doubt i had is can i use my own ini, its cleared now.

You are welcome, and yep, you can use your own php.ini. Enjoy! :wink: