File Path?


Hi folks,

I have this situation which I hope you guys can help.

I am setting up a script on my non-dreamhost server. It is supposed to connect to my dreamhost account via ftp and upload a .htaccess and .htpasswd file to protect a directory.

I had done this before with cpanel server with no problem and all I need is to specify the path (public_html/members) and that’s it. The members directory being the directory that I wanted to protect.

However, with my dreamhost account, I had tried the following without no progress:

(Of course, I had substituted my actual account info above.)

I am just getting the following error with all cases:

Remote Membership: failed to change directory to (ERROR: Can’t change directory to No such file or directory )

Can you guys help?



Maybe … but not without seeing your script/code. :wink:



If it’s actual FTP, and not SFTP, then try /

I would have thought that first example of yours would have worked, but the other two definitely won’t if it’s actually FTP.

If you have shell access on that other computer, you can try a manual FTP session using the same username and password as your script. It’s possible you’re not using the correct user for logging in.



Hi Scott

Yup, / did work.

Thanks. Also, Dreamhost’s tech support also suggested changing the ftp user to shell user which also work too.