File path not displaying correctly in address bar

Hey guys,
I just set up a website hosted on dreamhost, and it’s visible, but for some reason I can’t get it to display the correct file path.

The site is , but I cant get it to display any other filepaths or directories that exist, say, or like I feel it should. As you can see, it will just get a 404 error.

Strangely, when I search “the most ever company” on google, it finds my homepage, but it displays as the IP address: . Oddly enough file paths like and totally work.

I did research but still can’t figure it out. Does this have to do with IP and DNS resolution to domain names? (sorry, I’m new at this… the html code I wrote is all self-taught…) Do I need .htaccess? I know that has something to do with the appearance of directories… argh. I don’t feel like this should be all that hard. I also read something about A records.

Anyway, is it possible to fix this through the dreamhost control panel, and if so, how?


Wrong forum? Doesn’t look like your hosted with dreamhost…

Name Server: NS1.DOTSTER.COM
Name Server: NS2.DOTSTER.COM


Non-authoritative answer:





You might need to log in to your registrar and set the domain to point at the DreamHost nameservers.

No, I’m sure we’re with dreamhost… my friend pays for dreamhost hosting, and when I use filezilla to transfer files I quickconnect with [username]

I don’t understand the processes you used above, or what they demonstrate. But in any case, I’m sure we’re with dreamhost and that this is the correct forum.

DNS is like looking up a phone number from a list of names in a telephone directory. Your name is “” and when we look for that name in the telephone directory the whole world is using, we get a phone number for a different hosting provider. However if we look for that name in a telephone directory that only DreamHost keeps we get a phone number to DreamHost. So the problem is that those in control of the name “” are not telling the world to get the telephone listing from DreamHost. As a result nobody can get the files you are uploading to DreamHost just by using the name. This is a dumbed-down explanation of course. See Wikipedia if it suits you.

And following up… the solution is in SXI’s post above. Log into your domain registrar’s account and set the nameservers as he indicated.

It takes about 12-24 hours before the new phone books published :))

Hmm… okay, thanks! I’ll check it out. My friend is the only one with access to our dreamhost control panel, and he’s busy until Sunday, so I’ll ask him to give it a shot then.

Thanks for the knowledge, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

You won’t be able to make this adjustment using dreamhost control panel.

The domain was registered with or one of its affiliates. You must log in to the official registrars site and set the nameservers to dreamhost. This allows dreamhost.