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I had someone work up a template for me and now I need to change some things and am new.

My domain hosted here shows the DNS servers pointing to dreamhost. There is a Wordpress template currently live on the site and yet when I log in through FTP, I cannot see any files.

What is the ftp server?
When using
with username breban1 and the correct password, I get login failed.

If I login using, I only see log and maildir folders.

Please advise how I can upload files to the root folder to change out what is currently live on the site. What am I missing here?

Thanks so much for your assistance!


when you log into your dh control panel and go to manage domains, take note of the user your domain name is run under. that is the same user you would need to log into via ftp. i do believe you can upload new themes directly from the wp admin panel too though.


Thank you for the fast response. Under manage domains, I don’t see a ‘user’ assigned to the domain. The options to edit on the manage domain page are Registration, Web Hosting, Secure Hosting, Email, and Actions.

On the left, under Users, there are 2 users listed. They are both give a ‘Name’, type (ftp), Machine (enif), Disk Used (<10 MB), and Actions.What is Machine and what is enif?

Under Actions, I can connect via FTP to with the password, but again there are 3 folders (logs, maildir, and The folder where I would typically find all the wordpress files and index.php is completely empty.

I’m stumped. Thanks again…


there has to be a user or else your web designer couldn’t have made whatever he did live. under web hosting it should say something like

Fully Hosted/ User: username

If there really is no user somehow then just click on edit. On the next screen you will see run domain under the user and there will be a drop down box for you to pick from your existing users so pick breban1 or you can create a new user and be sure to check move files to new user. Leave the other stuff the same and scroll down and click save changes


Yes, if I click on Web Hosting (which currently says DNS only), the user name is breban1(on enif) and I have the password for that user. What is ‘on enif’ mean?

I also know the person who set this up for me did a one-click install of wordpress. Is that why I don’t see any files?

If I login to the server with user name breban1 and the correct password, the login fails. If I login to the server using breban1 and the correct password, the file for is empty…meaning zero files.

The live site has an index.php and it’s pulling from a wordpress template. I’m still confused. Does ‘on enif’ have something to do with it?


enif is the server. if the domain name is DNS only that means the files are actually hosted somewhere else and you do not have the proper credentials to log in to wherever that is. is there some reason the person who worked on your site is not helping you with this? for some reason they are developing the site on their own server somewhere instead of on your hosting account. if you are unable to get them to transfer the files to you (the mysql database is most important), you can log into the wp admin and export your content. then you can edit your domain name and make it fully hosted under your user. go to one-click installs and install wordpress (you can do it manually too if you were so inclined) and go to the wp admin of the new install and import the data from the previous site.


Well, the friend that was helping me doesn’t understand when they initially set this up how they actually got the wordpress site installed. I have access to the wordpress account, but have hired a webdesigner to create an entirely new site.

On DH site, under users, when adding a new user, the DEFAULT server (unable to change) says enif. I’m still unclear what enif is? Isn’t enif something DH uses? The DNS servers currently are and indicating this domain is pointing to DH servers. I haven’t changed these settings, so it’s not a propagation issue.

How did you conclude the current site is being stored on another server?

Also, isn’t there a FILE MANAGER where the root folder is when I login to Dream Host? Wouldn’t I be able to see the Wordpress files there at least?


It looks like that was what was once called a “simple” install, meaning it needs to be redone if you want to use a theme.

Re-use the database tho, so that you don’t lose your content

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:     name =


enif is the server your user (and whatever users you create) is on. that is not something that is going to change. the name servers are pointing to dreamhost yes BUT whoever did your site is using DNS ONLY. the actual files are being hosted somewhere else OTHER THAN enif, where your account is and where you probably want your files to be.

simple install? geeze how long ago was this done lol. DH did away with simple installs so that didn’t even cross my mind. A simple install was totally crap. It put the files somewhere in a central location that you would not have access to.


Thanks LakeRat and Ryo-ohki!
When I try and “Fully Host This Domain” I get ERROR: You already have a One-Click Install of wordpress set up at

I don’t care about losing any database content. I can recreate another database…this site was never finished because my friend didn’t know what they were doing.
Please advise…Thank you…


hehehe you must’ve been typing while i was editing my post. go to the one-click install section and delete the one click install you had. make the domain fully hosted and then do the one click again


I’m assuming I can just upload my own files to the folder after I delete the one-click.

I’m away from the computer for a while, but so appreciate your quick help! I’ll do this when I get back tonight. Again, thanks!


delete the one click.
change the domain to "fully hosted"
do another one click (which is easier and faster than uploading your own entire wordpress install).
then upload your theme files.