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I am kind of used to a file manager that will allow you to go into folders and then to look at individual files if you want, along with editing them, deleting, renaming, copy, moving and changing permissions. This was part of Cpanel of lunarpage, and ipowerweb had a similar thing called V-Deck. Is there an option or ability to go into the users DreamHost panel and view individual files, change them, move them, or even edit them “at site”?

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DH uses net2ftp. Log into the panel, click domains, then click manage domains.
Under your domain, click webftp. You will find yourself in the directory for your domain. While I prefer vi in the shell (I’m odd) files can be edited in this interface.

You can also access it at, but going through the panel takes care of filling in the fields for you.


Try WebFTP accessible via the Panel’s Manage Domains section.


DreamHost’s webFTP has some, if not most, of that functionality (goto, but it has some limitations.

For one, it can only upload files less than 7MB in size (PHP installation limitation).

Another issue is that I do not recommend using it to edit source code files, most notably perl files, as it does not properly handle *nix line endings (this can make debugging a script a difficult task, as the line ending break other wise working code).

One of the best things about DreamHost is that, via the shell, you do most of this stuff “online” with command line tools once you learn your way around.

Alternately, if you are a “GUI” kind of person, you can install any one of several excellent filemanagers for your own use on your domains(s).

Thyese are readily available on the web (both free and commercial), and offer varying features, power, and flexibility - so you can pick what works best for you.

You can search these forums for others’ suggestions about which filemanager to use. For a simple to operate and easy to install filemanager, I like ffileman, though there are many others out there, and you may like another one better (visit for more choices thatn you are likely to want to wade through!).

If you expect to be uploading files over 7MB in size via this filemanager, and you wish to avoid having to create a custom installation of PHP to make that possible, you should avoid PHP based filemanagers at Dreamhost, and use a perl or python based solution instead, as they don’t have that issue.


I have a couple of ftp programs on my computer. SmartFTP ver 1.0 (I like the older version). and one from Fresh Devices (free stuff) called Fresh FTP. Both can upload files and you can set them for ASCII, AUTO, TEXT, etc with some other features.

I was just used to the Cpanel 11 ability to go to the icon for the file manager and drill down through the folders and subfolders if you wanted, and click on a file, view it, or edit it. It was usually a htm or php file that I could edit. V-Deck from Ipowerweb had something similar, but it was proprietary to them.

Also, I would think it more feasable and faster to transfer whole folders and files from my lunarpages directories over to here via FTP using host - to - host transfer, rather than the slow upload speeds of my computer (Hughesnet satellite)

Thanks for the info guys and gals! You’re GREAT!

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