File Manager

Im wondering if Dreamhost has the File Manager like CPanel does. Im trying to move a large folder into my site.

I first installed Galler2 and then PHPNuke i now want to move gallery2 inside my nuke install. I could have done it if i had CPanel with the file manager. But ive been looking through your control panel and cant see a way of moving files and folders around the server with ease.


Not really. Such a tool is not needed with Dreamhost, as you have full access to the shell, where you can do much more, and do it much more quickly, than you could with any filemanager! :wink:

Actually, from withing the shell there is a “filemanager” available - it’s called “Midnight Commander”. Just run “mc” from the shell command line. :slight_smile:


I sometimes use WinSCP to keep from getting confused or when I’m in a graphical mood.

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For me, it’s Transmit on the Mac via SFTP that lets me move things around pretty easily.


how would i run or even find the “Midnight Commander” ive just had a look around the control panel area and coulsnt see anything called this…

Sorry for being a pain !

There is no need to apologize! Needing to learn something new does not make you “a pain” - we all have to learn new things all the time! :wink:

You won’t see “Midnight Commander” anywhere in the Control Panel, as it is a “shell” program that you can use if you log into your server using SSH.

“Logging into the shell” via SSH puts you at the *nix “command line”, from where you can do many more things (and do them generally faster!) than you can from the Control Panel. It is DH’s shell access feature that is one of the biggest advantages of hosting with DreamHost . Using it does require that you learn a few new things, but once you have done that you will have much more power and flexibility from within the shell than any “control panel” can provide.

To run “Midnight Commander” from within the shell, you need to log into your server via SSH and type “mc” at the prompt, and hit the enter key.

To learn more about the shell, how to log in, and some basic “shell commands” and their usage, you should check out the DH Wiki page on the shell, and follow the links provided there for additional information on enabling shell access for your user(s), SSH, and other useful stuff!

While you are still learning your way around DreamHost, this is a good time to at least explore this feature a bit; any time you spend learning to use the shell will be well spent when you are faced with certain situations - you can do some things much better from within the shell and do other things from within the shell that you can do no other way (including running Midnight Commander!). :wink:


ooh that sounds complicated !! lol

Now to find the SSH !! via my server … I presume i cant access the SSH via FTP ? How or where do i locate the SSH ?

Sorry to be such a pain in the butt but you have opened my eyes to a new avenue !

  1. First you will need to Enable shell access.
  2. Then you will need to download some SSH software (I recommend PuTTY if you are using Windows).
  3. Then you should familiarize yourself with some basic shell commands. Be careful playing around, because you can do a lot of damage in there!
  4. Once you are comfortable, you can run Midnight Commander with the mc command.

Alternatively, I strongly recommend using WinSCP (which works just like a normal FTP client or file manager, only securely) over the SFTP protocol (which works when you activate SSH in the first step above). It will enable you to drag and drop files back and forth just like a normal Windows application, and it doesn’t require you to learn any shell voodoo.

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