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I’m a relatively new DH user, and so far very happy:) I have one question, though. With my previous host I could see a list of my files on my account (a File Manager), and that was handy especially when I was at work without a FTP-client. Can I see (a list of) my files any way through the DH Panel?


Nope, not that I know about.

There’s one way of doing it, that might work:

Create a subdomain, make the root of your document server the root of your account and use a .htaccess file to protect it with a username/password.

And pick a REALLY good password :slight_smile:


Even though DH doesn’t have one, you could probably find a PHP script at a place like that would do the trick. There are probably even WYSIWYG HTML editors that could be installed, but I never really looked into any web-based editors/managers because I prefer to do it all on my computer.

Keep in mind that you also have shell access, if you’re familiar with telnet or SSH (recommended).

I’m assuming you can’t install anything on your work computer?

If you can, Filezilla is a small & fast FTP/SFTP program that you can download for free at Putty is a free SSH program that you can get at

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What OS are you using at work? Windows Explorer understands the FTP protocol, and allows you to interact with the Dreamhost file system almost like any other network drive, albeit at slower Internet speeds.

Configure folder view, which emulates the familiar file browser interface, go through the following menu selections:
Control Panel | Internet Properties | Advanced | Browsing
Checked: "Enable folder view for FTP sites"
Checked: Use Passive FTP ( This may or may not be necessary depending on your network )

To connect and automatically authenticate to your ftp site, browse to this url in IE or Windows Explorer: ( Replace with your account details, obviously )

To connect and prompt for user authentication, browse here:

Windows Explorer and Firefox both work very well using this technique for downloading. I was unable to upload using Firefox, but that could easily be due to configuration issues. Windows Explorer uploads pretty well, but doesn’t support resuming of failed transfers. While this method isn’t fail-safe, it is reasonably reliable for file transfer, and will get the job done in a pinch.

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as pangea33 mentioned you can use IE for your FTP needs. Infact just about every browser will allow you atleast read access to your account using the FTP protocol in the format like pangea33 showed ( The only way this won’t work is if you IT department at work has the FTP ports closed. Highly unlikely since most businesses uses FTP to some extent. You can also setup on your site. I have never tried it on DH but I have used it on a FC3 Linux server running out of my house and on a Mac OS X Server running out of my house.


Really? So nobody here has experience installing & using a 3rd-party file manager script of some sort?

I’ve just migrated to from a host that used CPanel. While its file manager wasn’t perfect, it worked. I used it all the time to make small changes to our website. Much simpler than ftp’ing a file to my computer, editing it, and ftp’ing it back. And, yes, it was easier than telnet/SSH’ing in and using a UNIX text editor. :slight_smile:

So has anybody tried one? What would you recommend or warn about?