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Hello, I’m a total newbie. I’ve uploaded a .swf file and the html and gif files that go with it using filezilla, no problem there. I uploaded these files to my ftp.domain, I can see the files in webftp. Where do I move these files to? I have not built a website yet, but in the mean time I’d like to display this video on a sales page which has it’s own hosting included. Using a “src=” is this possible? Thanks for the help.

You need some sort of hosting where you’ll get a type folder in your home directory. If you don’t have a registered domain here yet, you can use a dreamhosters domain in the mean time. Go to the panel and select Domains -> Manage Domains and create a New Fully Hosted domain and call it something like ""
Be sure to make it a subdomain of and you’ll be fine. Then the URL for your HTML and SWF will be: (or something like that).


And some new users often make this mistake of uploading files to wrong directory.

After you have a domain and hosting as Scott said, you will see three directories in your webftp. “Maildir”, “Logs”, and “”. Remember to upload yours files into “” directory.

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Upload your files into the public_html folder

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@glob: There is no public_html here.

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: