File listings

anyway to have a fancy file listing? or at least a way to show the full file names…

right now only the first xx number of characters of each filenames are actually displayed

see what I mean here

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Here’s a php page I wrote a while back. You can put it into any folder, and name it whatever. When you go there it will generate a dynamic directory/file listing, along with url-safe links. Just add a stylesheet to customize the look. It’s configured to display gif and jpg file extensions. You can add/remove any sort of file types at the lines that look like this:

substr($filename, strrpos($filename, "."), strrpos($filename, ".")+3) == ".jpg"[code]

Files <?php $pathStr = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; $dir = substr($pathStr, 0, strrpos($pathStr, "/")+1); //HTTP_HOST $dh = opendir($dir); $aDirArr = array(); $aFileArr = array(); while (false !== ($filename = readdir($dh))) { $pos = strrpos($filename, "."); if ( ( is_dir($filename) && $filename != ".") || substr($filename, strrpos($filename, "."), strrpos($filename, ".")+3) == ".gif" || substr($filename, strrpos($filename, "."), strrpos($filename, ".")+3) == ".jpg" ) { $nFileKBsize = filesize($filename); settype($nFileKBsize, "integer"); $nFileKBsize = $nFileKBsize/1024; settype($nFileKBsize, "integer"); if(is_dir($filename)) { $aDirArr[$filename] = array(); $aDirArr[$filename]['filename'] = $filename; $aDirArr[$filename][] = ""; } else { $aFileArr[$filename] = array(); $aFileArr[$filename]['filename'] = $filename; if(is_file($filename)) { $aFileArr[$filename]['filesize'] = number_format($nFileKBsize)." KB"; } else { $aFileArr[$filename]['filesize'] = ""; } } } } ?>
    <?php array_multisort($aFileArr, SORT_ASC); foreach ($aFileArr as $filePtr) { echo "
  • ".$filePtr['filename'].""; if(strlen($filePtr['filesize'])) { echo "".$filePtr['filesize'].""; } echo "
  • \n"; } ?>
[/code][url=][/url] [url=][/url]

i dunno how

There have been a few forums threads on this subject over the last few months, you might find the information you need in them;

Reading the official Apache docs on the subject may also help.


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Thank you very much !!!