File listings

How can I make a file NOT show when someone see’s a files listing?


I do not want header.html to show

anyway to hide that ??


I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say. Are you asking how to avoid having a directory listing being displayed? If that is the case, the easiest way around it is to have an index page, like index.html or index.php in each folder you are trying to protect.

Simon Jessey
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To disallow a directory listing although, just place a blank index.html file in the directory.
To disallow one file (type) then you need to use htaccess

IndexIgnore *.gif *.jpg

Will stop showing any gifs or jpgs in the directory listing.
I guess this could be used for your problem

IndexIgnore header.html

but haven’t tried it.

EDIT: A note that this will stop header.html appearing in all of your child folders as well. If this is a problem, then you can put the following htaccess file in the folders where you want header.html to appear

Options Indexes

thanks I found what I need…
I just used

IndexIgnore *.html

in a htaccess file


JUST want I wanted