File Hosting


Just joined the discussion forum, been with DH for about 3 years now.

Recently me and a friend have been working on HD video projects and I was hoping to setup a file hosting script on my website so he and I could upload content from off-site locations with ease.

Does DH allow this? Can i do it if i’m not on a dedicated server?

Thanks for your time:)


It’s against the TOS to use your server space for plain ol’ file storage. But you can pay extra if you want to do so. Contact the sales people if this is what you want to do.

But, geez, wouldn’t that take forever to upload HD video from the field?


Hmm, I can setup a Anonymous FTP, but i can’t setup a page on my website where there is a user friendly file uploader?

That’s odd.

Not as long as you might think, generally we compress the video’s into a web friendly format before uploading anywhere(such as vimeo)

You will need dedicated server if you need to host moves as it use lot of bandwidth. There are few sites that host video, but i think if you use lot of space or bandwidth it will be a problem on shared server. If your files are less than 200 Mb, use free file hosting service like,

“as it use lot of bandwidth”

My bandwidth cap is set @ about 7gb/month. I’ve used maybe 150-500mb of this a month for the past 3 years.
I"m just talking about transferring maybe 3-10gb a month.

Is there no solution for what (seems) really simple?

Hello I have uploaded my files thru ftp and I have my domain registered with, I have set up Google Apps for this domain, Now after taking the hosting plan from Dream host, I have changed the name servers to dreamhost as specified.
Till last 1 hour, my website is up and my emails are good (Gmail). Now all of a sudden my website shows the page that I have configured in Google Apps. What could be teh reason? Is some thing wrong with DreamHost? Also what would be contact numbers for Technical support?

To use google application, you only need to point a sub domain (mail and home A Records and MX Records by editing DNS) it seems you have made wrong changes in DNS by pointing the domain itself to Google server.

Thats a millions worthy suggestion.

It worked.

Thank you very much