File Database with Image Thumbnails


I’m trying to set up a creative collaberative file repository for a group of people to share research for a creative project. Everyone would like to use FTP to post files on the server, but we’d like to set up a web based interface to browse and search the system.

The ideal system would do the following:

  • Automatically sense changes to the folders on the FTP and add the files to the database.
  • Generate thumbnails for images and movies at lower resolutions so people can decide what they want to download quickly before actually transferring the files.
  • Index DOC and PDF documents so they are searchable.

The best solution I’ve been able to find for something like this is the OWL Intranet Repository. Does anyone know of some other good open source file repository systems that might have a more simple interface?


Well, Gallery (can be installed through the one-click installs) comes close to what your looking for, and possible could be added onto with plugins. You can upload images to a FTP folder, and then use the web interface to generate thumbnails and categorize the images. IIRC Gallery also handles videos. I don’t know about the DOC and PDFs, but it is possible that someone’s already written a plugin to handle this. Just thought it might be worth checking out.

–Matttail - personal website

This will be very helpful.

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Image_Magick is definitely a good tool, but I’m looking for an interface to be able to browse the file system and have the system automatically generate the thumbnails when the page is accessed.

I don’t think Gallery is actually robust enough… The OWL system I mentioned before seems good but I just wanted to see if there were any other options out there.