File Close Error (FTP Problem?)

Currently, I am having problems uploading w/ Transmit on OS X to my SFTP ( I am getting a “Cannot Upload File: Close Error” error when I try to upload files. I am using the correct FTP settings as per the KB article on DH and have PASV mode on for uploading. This error is not specific to any particular file type, but is only on SFTP. When I FTP into the server I can upload a file just fine, but the symbolic link that I have created no longer works when doing FTP, but it works when I am in SFTP. So, we can’t use FTP because we need that symbolic link and even using the direct path to the folder doesn’t work in FTP.

I don’t know what to do, but this has happened in the past as well. This problem has also been replicated on a Windows XP system using SFTP as well.

It is very sporadic in when it happens and how long it happens. For the account that we are using to upload, there are 4 of us using it to transfer files to and from the server. This is done on a farily frequent basis, multiple times a minute. We are working on a web based PHP application and when this error happens it grinds our development to a halt for extended periods of time, which is not practical considering our deadline.

Any information you have on this error would be a great help!

If you need any more info from me, please let me know.