File-based caching apps slow (Joomla/PHPBB/Gallery

Hi All,

As of Friday 23rd Jan, all my web apps ground to a halt on my VPS. Has anyone else experienced this? It appears due to some issue with file-based caching. If I empty and then chmod cache folders to be read-only, performance improves to be acceptable (just). Otherwise it’s on the very slow side of slow and is utterly unacceptable. This applies mainly to Joomla and PHPBB and affected all my installs of these apps at once.

As far as Gallery2 was concerned, it stopped working altogether, unable to perform file-based locking at all. This worked previously by the way.

Has anyone else experienced this? Support appears to be struggling to find the true explanation (though they have been very helpful).



My site has been slowing down also over the past few weeks. Turned of file-based caching and it feels like it almost back to normal. Well I hope that is the case LOL