File >2GB is not showing up for download


I put up several files in a directory for people to download. They are all showing up ok except one whose size is 2.3GB. I am wondering if there is any file size limit? I have tried changing the name and the directory but to no avail. It shows up fine when I access the ftp, but when I point people to the URL, a forbidden message comes up.

I am a complete newbie so any help is greatly appreciated


While the file system can handle larger file sizes, I believe Apache and/or most browsers are limited to a 2GByte file size.


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Yea thats what I was thinking, but I mean if i point my browser to the ftp and i login that way(say with internet explorer/firefox) It shows up fine. would be be something with http?

Yes. If you access the file(s) using FTP, your browser will be talking to the FTP daemon at DreamHost, but if you use HTTP, your browser will be talking to Apache (the HTTP server), which I think has that 2GByte file size limit.

Even using FTP, I wouldn’t assume that a particular browser will be able to actually download the full file if it exceeds 2GByte. Of-course, a ‘real’ FTP client will (most likely) not be subject to this limit, assuming the file-system that you are using locally can cope with >2GByte files.


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Only certain unpatched versions of Apache have a 2GB file limit. The rest are 4GBs. There are several websites which host DVD images via HTTP.

DreamHost should update and/or patch Apache.

Dreamhost isn’t into hosting illegal content, so I don’t see why you’d need to upgrade/patch apache to host DVD images. Besides, who wants to wait that long to download a file. Get a torrent hosted somehwere, and share your big content that way - it’s much faster.

–Matttail - personal website

DVD images can be used for legal content - I just downloaded 15gigabytes of Debian DVDs, all completely legal. So just because this person wants to host a large file, it doesn’t mean that are up to something illegal.

And while torrents may be best for sharing large files in general, if you have a slow outbound connection then they may not be at all useful for individual cases.