phpinfo gives me a home of /home/username/

but i get errors in some scripts like this:

at this time because the directory you have specified (/home/.fiddler/username/blog/wp-content/1) doesn’t appear to be writable by WordPress. Check the permissions on the directory and for typos.


The “.fiddler” is what Dreamhost call a “dataglob” and is not necessary to be included in your paths. I’m not completely sure how DH uses it, but it seems to be a symbolic reference used in managing their servers.

DH used to suggest that you not include these “dataglob” references in your scripts. I suggest you do a “search” in the forum (select “all forums”, search for “dataglob”, and select “all posts”) for other discussion of this.

As for your WP troubles, if you are using the phpinfo supplied path for home of “/home/username/” in WP config, you will have problems, because that refers to your “root” directory" not your “web” directory. From the error message you supplied, your “home” should probably be “/home/username/blog/” (just omit the “.fiddler”).

As for why the “/home/.fiddler/username/blog/wp-content/1” (which again, for scripting purposes, is effectively the same as “/home/username/blog/wp-content/1”) is not writable, there could be a variety of permission/path related issues.

Did you install WP via the web panel goodies “one click” install, or did you install it yourself?



There’s no past tense about that reccomendation. If for some reason you should switch servers, any scripting that’s referencing the data glob will break.

Also, note that if you want wp to be web-accessable, you probably want to make sure the parth looks something like /home/username/domain.com/blog/



Thanks, Mattail! My bad… I thought faster than I typed.

I hadn’t though of the ramifications of moving the scripts to another host, and of course you are correct about that issue.

Also, I feel a little stupid about misdirecting the poster .re. his path (omitting the “domain.com”). Argughh!

–rlparker (sheepipsh!)


don’t worry about it, I’ve made my share of mistakes.



thanks :slight_smile:


Some background on our ‘dataglob’ concept. A dataglob is just a collection of user data that exists on some back-end file server. When we move data around between file servers (when one is filling up, for instance) we do so in whole dataglob chunks. If your domain is moved from one server to another the dataglob will not change because each dataglob can be (and often is) mounted via NFS on multiple front-end hosting servers.

It is still a good idea to not use the dataglob name in your script path configurations but it is much less likely to change than it once was. In the past it was almost guaranteed to change at some point but that is no longer the case.

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Thanks for the further explanation, Dallas. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it more completely.