Fftp access for a single folder

Is it possible to setup ftp access to a single folder?

Nope: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/One_User_Per_Domain_Policy

You could try these options instead though:

  1. change your FTP password temporarily
  2. give the developer access to a separate user + domain for testing
  3. use an application (e.g, a CMS) on your site that allows you to collaborate within the application

It is possible with a upload script most written for php, but is limited for upload, due to php.ini limits, which you can extend to larger files, but will stay limited to the time your server allows a script to run.
If you have fast upload 100+MB should be no problem, after changing the php.ini

Also you better trust the uploader not to upload any dangerous files or use a script that has allowed file types options.

This script gives you the option to choose a single directory to upload to and set the file types allowed to be uploaded.
just google it and several download links appear.

Depending on what you want to use it for, you could also try setting up a webdav folder.

“Enabling WebDAV will allow you to use collaborative tools which store files on the web server. Do not enable this option for directories which are intended to be viewed with a web browser.”

Read more http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WebDAV

Next time you post maybe spend more time detailing what you want and why you want it…

Thanks Guys for your inputs.
What I am trying to do:
I have a client , who runs an energy strategy company
buying energy futures for clients.
They get data from some of their clients on a daily basis, which
they use to examine use and time, these are rather large clients.
Some are state hospital systems, transit systems and small savings
in energy costs add up quickly. The client’s info needs to be ftp’d to a
folder on the server, where it can be accessed by the traders.

I believe we will set up alternate sites, Main site is (fictitious) energytrade.com
for each client there will be a site energytradeftp1.com energytradeftp2.com
and the index page will redirect to the main site. The folders will be accessable
only by the energy client and the staff of the traders.

I f anyone see’s a better way, please let me know

Yes you could set up subdomains:

You then set up new users. so e.g. client1user would have only access to client1.energytrade.com on the FTP.

For the main website you can utilise URL re-mapping so that www.energytrade.com/client1 would be the URL entered publically but would point to client1.energytrade.com on the FTP.

You could probably utilise some redirect function (perhaps in .htaccess) to force http://client1.enerygtrade.com to load as energytrade.com/client1

Is Email not a viable option?