Hello everyone, I am curious about ffmpeg-php usage on dreamhost shared servers. Does anybody use ffmpeg-php on dreamhost? I am not familiar to much with it, can ffmpeg be instructed completly via php? Is converting video and audio together supported with DH servers? Thanks.

CPU limits would probably apply. Remember that the server is shared with a couple 50? 100? 200? of your closest friends that may not be as willing to share.


Well there should be no problem if you use it with Gallery (it is used to see about the first frame of each video, just once).

For video conversion : if it takes 1 minute of cpu load, that’s 1/1440th of a day. It should be ok, even if there is 100 people on that server.

But if a lot of people use this as a video conversion service, all the day, it will be too much.

So yes you can use it, but in a fair usage.

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My two cents… convert the files to flv locally then upload the completed file to the server. It’s fast, you can verify success, and you’re not bogarting the server cpu. A few people relying on the server to convert may not crush a server, but with enough load everyone’s ability to serve will be dramatically reduced and DH will likely have to reevaluate the TOS.

Or simply use the converter Media Tools in the Dreamhost control panel.

Thank you
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