Ffmpeg-php on dreamhost problem

I followed these instructions http://www.netbrix.net/archives/20 and i also done these steps. ffmpeg-php also be installed. but why i close the putty software…i run the phpize again. it’s return back be4 the screen i setup the ffmpeg-php?

You need to run the export commands again.

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anyway i can saved it into php or other ways? ?

If you want certain environment PATHs to be preset everytime you login via PuTTY, you can set them up in your .bash_profile file located in your user root. As an example, to set your shell to use php5 you could add:

export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin:$PATH[color=#00CC00]$[/color] which php would then resolve to /usr/local/php5/bin/php (rather than /usr/local/bin/php)

You effectively need to logout and then back in after making changes to .bash_profile

To load a newly edited version without a login/logout use the source command.

[color=#00CC00]$[/color] source .bash_profile

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