FFmpeg-php installation

I’m looking to install FFmpeg-php (ffmpeg-php.sourceforge.net/).

I followed the steps here (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/FFmpeg) to install FFmpeg, but how would I go about installing FFmpeg-php?

I’ve tried following the steps on the FFmpeg-php site, but they don’t seem to be getting me anywhere.

Please help. Thanks.

I’m looking to install this too but can find no help in the Wiki, can anyone tell us how to do this please, step by step?


I am having the same problems. Please help out :slight_smile:

Nobody can help out, we are doomed.

Installing ffmpeg is not the problem, the problem is ffmpeg-php and probably php itself - we don’t have access to the php sources to add ffmpeg-php to them.

This leaves the possibility of installing php in our own webspace but that will probably result in errors.

We are doomed.

Why is everyone looking to install FFmpeg-php? The features it has aren’t exactly commonly needed on websites. Just from glancing at the info page, it looks like you’d probably have to install PHP yourself (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Installing_PHP5).

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

I am also attempting to install ffmpeg-php for a youtube clone, can someone please make a write up for it?

I’m still working my way through all of this to see if I can figure it out. I chose to attempt integration with my Gallery2 install first, instead of trying to bite off a whole custom PHP installation, etc.

The first page has a link to a precompiled version of ffmpeg that will work with Dreamhost. I was able to put it on my server, and configure Gallery to recognize it. I set up “upload from server location” permissions and ftp’d a video to the location. I was able to add the video as an item to one of my albums, at least it said success. When I went there, I got “download this plugin” but hit a roadblock there because the mimetype apparently couldn’t be identified.

My plan is to share the proper steps when I get this all figured out, but you should keep doing your own research too. If you’re trying to clone a site that is ostensibly worth $1.65 billion in stock, it’s going to take more initiative than just asking for detailed instructions.



Not long after my last post, I realized that this is working but only with some mimetypes. I have had success with uploaded wmv files, but avi failed. ffmpeg also didn’t recognize my *.flv files.

This one is really weird to me. Gallery2 recognized mpg files I uploaded, and was even able to create a working thumbnail. There was no player when I viewed it in the gallery though. I imagine codecs are the problem here, but I haven’t figured it out yet.


If you’re looking for server setup services for the following on dreamhost:

  • autoconf
  • LAME
  • ffmpeg
  • GD2
  • mplayer+mencoder
  • flvtool2
  • libogg
  • libvorbis
  • PHP
  • ffmpeg-php

please get in touch with me.

I have setup close to 75 youtube clones (some clip-shares, a few social media, ostube, alstrasoft, vshare and a couple of custom made scripts as well) on Dreamhost shared hosts and they work great.

I configure to make sure that the shared server resources are not overshot so you do not face the dangers of getting shut down by the host while at the same time the script works for you.

You can read more about the requirements here: http://www.netbrix.net/archives/39

Warm Regards

I am not a fan of solicitation via 6 month old threads to begin with, but this line from your website is classic:

“Once you all pay me and once I can hire another team member (thats’ me + me at night + another physically different person) then we will do it for you in like 2-3 hours at most….”

Good luck with that one

I’ve got to agree with that! Those post seem like a legitimate enough response to a current thread; not so much to one that is 6 months old. :wink:



Are you still doing this. I have Clipbucket. It was working on Dreamhost then it stopped. I think they did a upgrade.