Ffmpeg Path problem


i just installed a plugin into wordpress which needs the path to ffmpeg.
I tried “/usr/bin/ffmpeg” but the script returns with “FFMPEG not found at /usr/bin/ffmpeg. Embed codes will work, but video thumbnail generation and Mobile/HTML5 encoding will not.”

So how can i fix that `?


Check where it is:

$ which ffmpeg
ffmpeg is /usr/bin/ffmpeg
ffmpeg is /usr/bin/X11/ffmpeg


[yedposterior]$ which ffmpeg

as is said i use this path but it cant find ffmpeg


usually ffmpeg on a DH server is at /usr/bin/ffmpeg however if your plugin is not able to find the ffmpeg it is possibly something to do with the test it’s running to check for ffmpeg. It maybe running a commandline that is not supported by the version of ffmpeg on the server. If you can modify the script to use a basic commandline instead of all the bells and whistles it might work.

If its really essential for the functionality you might also play with installing a custom php/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-php to make your plugin work. I wrote this guide for the job back in 2006 but it still works pretty well on DH servers: http://blog.netbrix.net/archives/20 give it a swing.


Do not install a custom environment to gain access to something that is already there.


agreed but some scripts require ffmpeg-php for thumbnail generation. Now one could modify those sccripts to use something that’s available but not everyone can do the code changes, specially when it’s encrypted code one is working with. In such cases a custom php with ffmpeg-php added will work just as fine. I’ve been doing this for clients for atleast 6years now and ffmpeg is something that’s been made available on DH recently in comparision (around 2years back). even now ffmpeg-php is not available on DH which is why a custom php compile becomes neccessary for sites that need it.


Yeah, me too.

I totally agree that there are plenty of (really lame) plug-in scripts around that rely on ffmpeg-php to function correctly, but your initial response assumes OP implicitly requires ffmpeg-php - which is not ffmpeg. Anyone searching for ffmpeg could be led to the same false assumption that they require ffmpeg-php to do anything revolving around ffmpeg or ffmpeg path problems as described in the Post Title.

Good scripts do not require ffmpeg-php. You know that :wink:


What bothers me most about ffmpeg-php is that the official site (ffmpeg-php.sourceforge.net) shows the last “news” was in 2007, and the most recent release was in 2008. Both PHP and ffmpeg have changed a lot in the last four (or five?) years. I’d be very hesitant to depend on something that’s gone that long without even a minor update!


Just use /usr/bin/ IT WORKS PERFECTLY!