FFmpeg etc


Has anyone successfully installed and has working a flv video converting website ( such as phpmotion.net ) on this host?

I am looking for reviews of how the servers work / load fast etc. under this usage. I have seen posts asking for help but i want to hear from people that have a site using it this type of program. I do not want a ‘youtube clone’ but am looking to integrate a video sharing script to a site i am working on and am looking for a host. DreamHost has the disk space and bandwidth for me but not sure if this ever gets working or people give up after they have the problems on the forum.

Thanks for any info you can give.


You may use ffmpeg with gallery 2 for instance,
but using it as a conversion website may use way too much cpu for a shared website only for that.

I recommend to use a dedicated server for that.

PS : that’s crazy how many youtube-like want to be on shared hosting when limits are high :slight_smile:

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Hi moua,

Sorry if i am being dumb, but i thought ffmpeg did the encoding of the video files. Other scripts needed to encode the audio files etc.

If i am wrong what does it do? Do you have it working?

And as i said, i do not want to be a youtube clone. What this would be for is for groups of people to show home vids to each other etc. Small group of people show a small amount of vids to the group members only. This side of the site is only a small part of it and the sites purpose is not video sharing to the web en-masse.

People will be able to embed youtube vids on the site but the uploaded ones are personal vids not for public viewing. I wanted it to all be automated (server side) otherwise I could upload the vids and convert them myself on my desktop but i would rather not add to my list of jobs every day!

If the trend is like that, then I’m really worried about DH’s uptime again…


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Oh, don’t worry. They all get weeded out pretty quickly because it’s obvious where the problem is coming from and support doesn’t have to be shy about shutting it down quickly.

When there’s significant text context and it’s a WordPress plugin problem, that takes longer to debug and obviously support is much less apt to shut a site down immediately while remediation occurs.

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