Few questions about website

I got the plan with the 500gigs HD space and the 5TB bandwidth.
I planned to host a few downloads on my website and I was wondering if it was possible, if it is what is the maximum connections and is there anything I should be aware of.

Thank you very much

  1. Make sure it’s legal.
  2. I seem to recall that the default number of simultaneous connections allowed was something like 200, but that they were flexible on that number if you could show that you needed the extra connections and also demonstrate that your site wouldn’t bring the server to a crawl with more than that many connections.

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thanks alot I actually have another question, is there a way to make it so that after i reach the bandwidth limit it just stops the website instead of making me pay 1$ a gig.

You can set up throttling in the panel under status>bandwidth usage.

Once the site hits the limit it redirects to domain.throttled.

This is checked every 24 hours to see if the domain needs to be throttled.

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