Few Question Regarding WEB CP


I am thinking of signing up for an account… I have few question… as some of you are already useing the control panel therefore its better to ask here rather emailing the DreamHost…

All my websites are presently hosted with either cPanel or DA based host… so if possible can any one compair the dreamhost web Control Panel with cPanel or DA…

Does DreamHost CP has any online file editor? and ability to extract compressed files in side the host…


Personally, I hated cPanel and I think that DH’s panel is a big improvement. I don’t believe the panel has a built-in file editor, but with DH you have access to the shell, so you can log in and do all kinds of things (including extracting compressed files). It’s one of the things I had to have in a host :slight_smile:

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

The Dreamhost installed Net2ftp program, reachable at webftp.dreamhost.com, has a “builit-in” editor that is perfectly acceptable for “online editing” chores.

Yes, webftp also allows you to upload compressed files which will automatically be decompressed.

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DH panel is a big improvement over cpanel and easy to use, but no AWStats.

Their current stats system really sucks, so I have to use a counter service.

But if you know how to install AWStats for yourself, then no problem. If not, and you have to have it, then you will have to hire someone to do it. DH won’t do it, even for a fee.

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I have never used DA, but people seem to love it.

I have used CPanel & Plesk, but don’t like either of them more than DH’s panel. I’d rate Plesk as my least favorite of the bunch.

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It is noteworthy that Analog Stats are included, and work just fine for many people. If you want AW stats or an other specific piece of software it is often easy to install this for your self. There is also a nice article in the wiki on how to install AW stats.

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Thnx very much for those info…

pls tell me one more thing… with cPanel or DA i used to get phpMyAdmin… is that available here too??


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Hi Matt,

You are right that there are articles on how to install AWStats, but I found it too difficult to install myself. I would hardly say “easy to install”.

Here are the two articles on the wiki and you can judge for yourself:



If you think it is easy, then how about installing them for me and I won’t have to look for another host right now. Or show me an easy way to install them. I have thousands of domains, which I need to optimize and rotate between parking and live sites for sale. So this could end up not being too much fun after awhile. Maybe you could get me going with the first 250 domains?

But just my opinion on the analog stats, I think they are pretty much useless. I have to rely on a counter service for my stats right now.

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Yes. When you add a DB, you’ll create a host name like mysql.yourdomain.com–or whatever you want. When you go to that URL, you’ll be prompted for your DB user name and password, which will log you into phpMyAdmin.

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Hey guyess… pls tell me how do I access the Shell ?? I need to extract a tar.gz file… so I need to access the shell to run the command to extract the file…



anyway I got the access with telnet… but now how do i extract the file… which command can help me… ??

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tar xvzf filname.gz should work.

Have a look at this page in the DreamHost wiki to help you access your shell.



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