Few question before I sign up

Hello I am a web designer from Scotland. I’m interested in setting up an account with you but need to know a few things first…

This is regarding the shared server package ($8.95)…

I currently run approx 20 websites including (my business site) on another server. If I was impressed with Dreamhost, I may eventually like to transfer all of these over to here.

I am currently developing a website that requires something a bit more robust than my current server so I would like to get this up and running on Dreamhost as a bit of a trial.

When I try to register, it needs a domain. Now, I suppose I should put in the domain of my new project here, but in the future I may want to run several accounts from Dreamhost. so I’m thinking maybe this should really be my own business website domain.

Can I use this $8.95 account for multiple domains? Can you go into some detail about how this will work?

The way i’m guessing it works is that the domain I sign up with will be the master domain and others will become sub-accounts? I would like clarification on this before setting it up.

Hoping that was clear enough for you to follow. I’m just needing to know if I can proceed with using the new domain as the one to initally get rolling and then add others after I have the account up and running.

Thanks for any replies

There is no master domain. Your dh account is controlled by a user. You can also create other users and give them access to your dh account. You can host an unlimited amount of domain names on your account. You don’t have to register a new domain. It is perfectly fine to input an existing domain. Even if you don’t want to transfer the dns yet you could simply create a dreamhosters.com sub-domain and set it to be a mirror. That way you can work on your site before you actually switch the dns settings over.

you can run as many domains as you like, but i’m pretty sure that you’ll need to share your allotment of memory between them. if they are all fairly popular, you’ll hit the limits.