Few problems

I did send my tickets to support, but i assume that with around 400 tickets unanswered, mine might not get here very soon.

So here it goes: First problem is getting my MySQL database from my old forum, onto this one. I have everything uploaded, but at the moment, theres no easy way to upload and install a 200MB database. I tried BigDump, which has worked for me in the past, but php.ini doesnt allow file usage so thats kinda out, and I’m not in the greatest condition as to code it myself. So I will probably end up installing it on my home server, and exporting one database at a time. But if you could tell me an easier way to do this, I would greatly appreciate it for later use.

Second problem is that when I upload files, larger ones get stuck at 99%… for a looong time. I tried using multiple FTP clients, and on multiple servers, it only happened on my DH server, and with ALL clients. So it has to be something on DH’s end, perhaps high CPU usage and low prioritizing? I’m not sure, but if someone has an idea on how I can get these larger files onto my FTP (they seem to be stuck at 99% even though the file says says 100%, and the upload speed slowely goes down, like .01 less a second) so I really need a way to get larger files on my FTP.

And finally, could someone help me install PHP on my server? I’m not too great at following instructions appearently, lol, e-mail me at anarchistpyro@gmail.com or here with an instant messenger name, I’ve got them all. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

If you can upload the sql file via FTP you should be able to dump it using telnet/ssh. The k-base give some more information, but basically you log into your server and then import the database via command line. You’ll have to make sure that the user has ssh access go the Panel > Users > Manage Users > edit > check box for ssh. The command will look something like this:
mysqlimport -L -h[color=#0000CC]HOSTNAME[/color] -u[color=#0000CC]USER[/color] -p[color=#0000CC]PASSWORD DATABASE DUMPED_TEXTFILE[/color]
All the text in [color=#0000CC]Blue[/color] needs to be changed with your info.

Not sure what you say about your uploads. Others have posted here with similiar problems. I suspect you’ll have to wait for support to clear this one up for you, I don’t know of anything you can do.

There’s instructions to install php in the wiki. You can compile your own version of php4 or php5
Thoes instructions are set up for people on dreamhost, so hopefully they will work out for you.

let me know if anything isn’t clear enough.


I’m new to SSH, for the DUMPED_TEXTFILE part, would I put the full URL, the Path, or would I need to navigate to the directory and just put the file name?

Here are examples of my MySQL and FTP problems if they help…


I have also installed my own version of PHP4, thanks.

EDIT: I am learning SSH now pretty well and have most stuff going good. Except I was installing PHP, all was going well, and then the server disconnected me mid-routine. How can I avoid this? And how can I try the installation again? Will I have to jsut delete the php folder? or run an actual uninstall script? If an uninstall script, wehre would i get one?


I have also solved my FTP problem, if I drag the “completed” file to a different folder, then cancel the transfer, then move it back, it seems to be fine. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ll have to do that. It only happens to really big files, so I shouldn’t have to do it too often, at least theres a workaround.

for the mysql import, if you upload your sql file to your home direcotry - the first directory you’re in when in FTP in, then you can just log in via ssh and you type the command with out having ot worry about directories. When you log in via ssh, you’re also dumped into that same home directory you uploaded the file into through FTP.

So, for where is says dumped_textfiles, just change that to be the name of your sql file.

I get disconnected from the server once in a while too. Not sure why that happens, but you can just pick up where you left off. if you were in the middle of a task, just run that one again, and keep following the instructions.

Not sure what’s up with the FTP issues, perhaps suppor twill be able to shed some light on it.


Everythings fixed up. SSH makes it easier for me to transport larger files without it getting stuck at the end piece, and even when it does get stuck, I move the file, cancel the upload, then move it back and the file size is correct to the byte, and works fine. So thats good.

Got the custom PHP4 working, which allowed me to use BigDump, whcih let me easily import all of my databases (over 300MB total) without confusing command line stuff. I highly reccomend it if you need to do something like that.

Thanks for all the help, I’m extremely happy that I get to have my own configured PHP.ini, so many settings I used to not be able to change! :stuck_out_tongue: