Has anyone got fetchmail working? I’d like to regularly import messages from several different POP3/IMAP accounts and have them delivered to a local mailbox.

There is an article in the wiki, but it seems quite outdated and the example configuration doesn’t work. Fetchmail displays the following error:

fetchmail: mail from MAILER-DAEMON@tea.dreamhost.com bounced to bounce-debian-user=USERNAME=EXAMPLE.COM@lists.debian.org
fetchmail: can’t even send to LOCALUSERNAME!
not flushed

USERNAME, EXAMPLE.COM and LOCALUSERNAME are just placeholders.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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To answer my own question and for future reference, here is my .fetchmailrc:

set postmaster "LOCALUSERNAME"
set no spambounce
set properties “”

poll REMOTE-IMAP-HOST with proto IMAP


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I’m glad you wrote this, Zylox. I am trying to use Google’s Fetch feature to pull email from a DH address and am having some issues. Actually, I am able to pull from one of my DH e-mail accounts with no trouble at all. The other one seems to be pointing the the wrong e-mail box. When I first tell Google I want to get my e-mail, it retreives three messages. The messages have the subject “Inbox archiver: 1 old messages moved to .old-messages/”. But I don’t have an “.old-messages” folder associated w/ this email account and I can’t find these messages anywhere. It looks like it pulling messages from another account.

Are there any settings that could be messed up that is causing Google to fetch mail from either the wrong folder on my account or from the wrong account? Thanks for your (and anybody’s) help.