I just signed up for an account a day or so ago and already this server I have been put on is awful. My upload speeds are around 600Kbps and download speeds around 26Kbps.

The information Im both uploading and download with is a box in a Level 3 datacenter in chicago, with 100Mbps port. So i know very well i can push data far and above these rates.

I have also tested it from my account here in PA and had a few colleages try it from around the globe and this just sucks. This account is all but worthless for us.

Any ideas why this may be? I did send a ticket in almost 24Hrs ago and yet to hear a damn thing back. Very irritating.


Did you check your server load to see if possibly your DH box is having NFS problems? I assume you also ran a few tracerts to eliminate the possibility that you are having issues there.

DH support usually gets back to your within 24 hours, though there are times when it takes longer.


Yes, I did do quite a few tracert from both PA, Chicago, Ny, and Canada. All have perfect connection to the server with no issues.

No i didnt not test to see the servers load, it is not my responsibility to monitor the servers for load. If this were my server, sure i would test to be sure, however it is not.


Yeah, I understand! I was just thinking that it couldn’t hurt, given the size of DH and the number of queued support requests that are normally competing for attention, to include a load report in your support ticket, to help them quickly see that aspect of the problem (if that is part of the issue).

Just a thought; while it’s not your “responsibility”, I’ve found that the more information I provide, the better response I usually get. :wink:


Sorry if I can off the wrong way above, Im just frustrated and have only had the account for about 48Hrs.

I appreciate the help, I will add a note to the ticket with the server information to see it will get things rolling, maybe Ill get lucky.

As for the response times, they blatently suck. I work tech support for a large game hosting company and we never and I mean never have tickets that dont get a response with in atleast an hour.

Came here to get a shared host where i can just dump my personal crap on, Im not sure it was a great move, but for 20 bucks i can wait to hear back.


No apology is necessary; we all get frustrated from time to time and you were not abusive in any way - just expressing your frustration. :wink: .

As for the response times, they blatently suck. I work tech support for a large game hosting company and we never and I mean never have tickets that dont get a response with in atleast an hour.[/quote]
There are indeed different metrics for different situations. While generally I have had good response from DH (“good” meaning 1-4 hours, sometimes less and sometimes more), DH only claims to try to respond within 24 hours - and I’m sure that is all part of what allows them to price as aggressively as they do. In most cases, the delay in tech support response time is acceptable to me because of the value, but I understand that YMMV.

Shared host do have certain characteristics; I’m hopeful that, once this issue is worked out, you will find the occasional bumps in the road to be worth the space bandwidth - it’s different for everyone. DH has been very good for me in spite of occasional problems - I’ve been here 8 years now, and find the performance/price ratio to be outstanding (though, like everyone else, I’m frustrated by the occasional glitch) :wink:

Welcome to DH, and good luck in getting some resolution on your speed issue.


Odd to see uploads faster than downloads. Is this ftp both ways?

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Yeh, its odd to have the upload significantly faster, my best guess on that either A) There outbound traffic is capping the full duplex network port outbound (You can push 200Mbits on a 100Mbit port). B) You are rate capped on download speeds.

To answer your question about the ftp, I can upload to the ftp at about 600Kbps, and using the ftp to download i get around 26Kbps abd if i use http I now can get roughly 100Kbps as of this morning.

Im not sure that their servers are just that oversold or what, but is both irritating and ridiculous. I mean the upload speed is fine, thats not too bad, but how hell can I download at 100Kbps, anything beyond a web page and it will take days.