Feedback request

Hey there,

I am just asking for some feedback about a recent event.

Situation: Had a script stop working that interfaced with a mySQL database. Granted I did not create the script or am I overly familiar with the cgi/mySQL workings. However, because I knew I at least needed a direction to go with my troubleshooting, I asked DH support if there had been any changes to the server in the week since I knew it was working. They said no.

So I was really at a loss as to what could have all of a sudden gone wrong and after some poking around myself finally decided just to let DH charge me the $100/hour they wanted to troubleshoot. Well, they did find that there had been an upgrade to a perl module that caused the script in question to fail.

So here is my quandry I received what I thought was a rather – I am sorry not even sure what to call it – response which basically said it was my “job to know how to determine if something is
updated and causing a script you are using to malfunction.”

I don’t have any problem if an update caused a failure, I, however, was repeatedly told by DH support that there had been no upgrades when in actuality there was one that caused the failure. If they had simply said that there had been a recent module upgrade it would have given me an idea where to troubleshoot. I really don’t think that is too much to ask for. Is it?

okay, maybe I am just having a rotten Monday here in soggy Washington.