Feedback for new open sorurce project

Hello all,

I have created a new open source python script designed for hosting customers who share their accounts. This is the first open source project that I have released, so I need all of the feedback I can get. The documentation was rather rushed, so please let me know about any mistakes you find.

Some other questions I would like answered:

Do you find the script useful?

What things would add, remove, or change, if any?

How does one promote open source software?

[quote]This script helps administrators of shared GNU/*nix accounts/systems establish simple quotas. I wrote this script because I am teaching myself how to code in Python, and I wanted to build something useful. While there are better ways of establishing quotas, Quota Test has some advantages:

* Very little technical experience is needed to implement it. Just follow the installation instructions included in the zip file.
* It sends emails with ease. Some users may not log into their shell accounts often enough to see a quotacheck warning before it’s too late.  So, Quota Test sends notices via email.
* It does not set hard limits. Rather, the user is notified of the quota violations through a series of warnings. This lets the user use data beyond his/her quota for a short period of time, allowing the user time to decide what data to keep.
* It implores the user to clean up their mess. Administrators are only involved if the user is still in violation after warnings have been issued.

Possible uses:

* For web  developers and/or designers who provide hosting to clients
* Family workstations
* A *nix server shared among a small group

Not designed for:

* Monitoring a large number of users/directories (hosting resellers, medium to large businesses)

How it works:

The script uses the du utility to determine weather the user has violated the quota. It then uses a tracking file to check how many consecutive time the quota has been violated. If the quota has been violated, the user is sent a warning via email (using sendmail). If the user is out of warnings, the administrators are notified so they can take further action. If Quota Test determines that the user is within their quota after a violation has occurred, a thank you message is sent to the user. If the administrators had been notified of the past violation, they are notified that the user is now within their quota.[/quote]