Feedback about DH

Hi there,

I am currently looking for a new host for several domains that manage (website maintenance & hosting). I am currently a reseller for another host and have about 20 or so domains. (Does DH have any program for resellers?) I won’t say that I am unhappy just need a bit more and am especially interested in the announcement list as my other host only offers Mailman which is a bear to configure for an announcement list.

At this point I would like some feeback from current customers and staff regarding the announcement list especially configuration and reliability. I have one client that I am trying to secure that has a mailing list of over 4000 and expects it to climb to 12000 by the end of the year.

Lastly if you have moved to DH from other host in the last 6 months, how smooth was your move and why did you decide on DH?

Thanks much!

Hi there.

I don’t use the announcement system, so I really can’t comment on that. I’m also more of a ‘hobbyist’ than a serious e-business person, so the following may not be at all helpful, but I felt bad that no one else had responded. :slight_smile:

I moved to Dreamhost primarily because of the wide range of features (I’m on the Code Warrior plan). I found DH oroginally because hosts with them, and I figured anyone who’d host a site with that much class had to be worth a shot, even if they were a bit more expensive than some of the other companies around. :wink: I’ve now been hosting with them for about a year and a half, and don’t plan on ever switching unless I someday setup my own server here for all my sites.

The first thing I noticed was the customer service aspect of DH. The announcements always have a sense of humour (usually they come from “The Happy [whatever] Team”) and the staff seems to genuinely love what they’re doing here. I’ve always been treated as a ‘person’ on the rare occassion I’ve had to make a support request (and usually it’s just something dumb I’ve done like not chmoding the right folder or whatever ;)), and I have NEVER felt as though I was customer #283728723. That’s very important to me.

I also appreciate that they’re so on top of security issues. When the big PHP file upload vulnerability came out the other month, I received an e-mail in my box about DH’s PHP having been updated even before I had a chance to read about the problem on several of the top “IT” news sites. I also appreciate that they don’t turn things like Frontpage Extensions on by default, which could put my data at risk.

Finally, the wealth of features is great. I especially like the shell account, as I’ve been able to pick up a lot of Unix (my previous host did everything through “control panels”). Plus DH gives so many new languages and other toys to play with that by the time I’ve had a chance to play with all of them, I should have a pretty hefty CV if I ever start up a web development business of my own. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that was long and rambly. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope it helps maybe a little though. :slight_smile:

I’m a hobbyist too, but I’ve just finished moving one of my domains over to DH from another host.

I’ve been really impressed with the service that I’ve received and the move over here has been pretty trouble free except the trouble I’ve been causing to myself ;). But the support team has been really nice to me when I’ve contacted them.

I like the features and I am going to be transferring over all of my domains to here. I’ve just got the Sweet Dreams plan now but I’ll probably upgrade to the next one. It also makes me want to look at web dev. more too.

Thanks to both of you for the feedback. I have moved my own domain over to “test the waters”. I have been really impressed with the support so far. Responsiveness was good to the questions/troubles i did have from being a newbie. :slight_smile:

And so far things have been really easy. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback. Truly appreciate your time.


I use the announcement list feature on several of my domains and have never had any problems with it. However, none of my lists are as large as the one you’re talking about - I think the biggest I have is around 1000. But thus far it’s always been fine.

I moved to Dreamhost from another host who shall remain nameless so long ago that I remember there were only three tech support people - which was actually an increase of two from how many there were when I first contacted them! :slight_smile: So I guess you wouldn’t call my move experience “recent” - but for what it’s worth, it was very smooth except for my former host trying to obstruct me at every turn. DH were great and even gave me advice on how to get around my ex-host’s dirty tricks…



I have been with dreamhost for almost 2 1/2 years. In the begining they were great. But in the last 6 months I have noticed that they have started to go down hill with respect to their tech support. In most cases it takes more than 24 hours to get a responce, and in case of a emergency, there is no way to contact them other than e-mail!!! My website was down for a week, because I would e-mail them with my problem, a day later they would respond. That wouldn’t fix it, so I had to send another message, another 24 hours for a responce. You get the picture. I have been a reseller for dreamhost and now have over 10 domains hosted with dh. This was all fine, until the yearly billings started rolling around. I am getting charges on my account that don’t correspond to any of my accounts and when asked about them, I am not given a correct responce and the runaround. Based on my experiences I am in the process of moving all my domains. Hope this will help somebody