Fee Question


Let’s say I sign up and prepay for two years. Let’s also say that 6 months into the service I decide that I want to cancel my account (reason isn’t important). Do I get a prorated portion of the prepaid fee back? Thanks in advance.


That’d really be up to the billing department. You would be beyond the 97 day window. It’s presumed that they delivered on their end of the deal and don’t have an obligation to refund your money just because you changed your mind.

If you’re so concerned, then buy only a year with a promo code, and you won’t be out that much money.



I would assume as much as well. The thing that got me thinking was a buddy of my is a DH customer and said that if he left, he could get the prorated used portion of the service fee back. Just wanted to see if anyone knew that for sure.


I haven’t tried to cancel my hosting plan yet. I’m not sure whether you can get the prorated used portion of the service fee back. If you read DH 97 days money back guarantee, they do not mention that.

Why not contact DH support for sure?

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I don’t mean to be negative about it, but if you can get your prorated fees back, what’s the downside to prepaying, other than the time value of money?

In other words, if DH policy were that everyone could always get their prorated money back, why wouldn’t everyone sign up for the 10 year plan and get hosting for 45% off at $5.95 a month?

Another thing: Recall this statement from the DH blog about the billing foobar:

This wouldn’t be worth mentioning as a special offer if it were standard practice, right?

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