Fed up with dreamhost email


That’s it, I’m fed up with dreamhost email not working.

Where can I get a simple POP & SMTP server that will just work 100% of the time, let me send and receive email without being on a block list?

I want to make sure it’s a company that doesn’t serve spammers so I don’t keep getting stuck in block lists.

I would be happy with something like a limit of 100 emails per day to prevent spammers from using the same servers as I do.

So, recommendations?


I don’t have a recommendation for a specific hosting company, but what it sounds like you need is a dedicated IP address.

Most hosts seem to offer the dedicated IP for a slight additional charge (it looks like Dreamhost charges $60 USD per year extra for their “Unique ID” service).

Once you have a dedicated (or unique in Dreamhost parlance) IP address, then you can set your spf record to reflect it. Then you will not have to worry about being blacklisted for anyone’s fault but your own. The one thing to be careful of is that you get a good dedicated IP address–your host might just assign you an IP that has been used by a spammer already, and is blacklisted before you ever get your hands on it.


I have this issue, and have just posted about it. Has Dreamhost mentioned to you what they’re actually doing about this very serious problem? All I got was a canned reply to my support request, which implies that this is happening so much that it’s too time consuming for them to reply individually.


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