Feature Requests

I have used dreamhost for several years now.

Along with the current goodies, I really wish they offered some sort of blogging solution for my web site, as well as maybe my own vbulletin plug-in for my site so I could host my “own” discussion forums like this one!

you are aware that you can install them yourself right? VBulletin proper, or MoveableType/Greymatter or somesuch? If you’re aware of that but don’t know how, or don’t want to or something, they’ve recently started offering “solid components”. Not sure what they are aside from exactly what you seem to be asking for (never used them).

You should find them here:



I don’t know if you’ve checked them out, but the SolidComponents goodies in your panel include both a blog and a forum plug-ins.

I’ve only used their poll, but I’ve been pretty satisfied with it.