Feature request: Scripted DNS modification

There are times I need a script/etc to change my Dreamhost-hosted DNS information.

Maybe I want a TXT record for joke.example.com to update with something witty every few hours. Maybe I need a temporary MX record to allow me to subterfugealy (that’s a pretty cool made up word, don’t you think) register a throw-away email sub-domain for a shady web site but need to make it through the email confirmation step before discarding the sub-domain.

OK, you got me. I just want to be able to create A records for an IPv4 address dynamically assigned by my ISP. You know, a dynamic DNS service without having to shell out extra cash to dyn.com.

I’m very comfortable doing scripting on my side to make this happen, and even considered writing a set of wget/curl scripts that could weed their way through the Dreamhost Panel to do this. But then I know things could go very wrong that way – next thing you know my rogue script has probably subscribed me to a Justin Bieber mailing list and mailed somewhat embarrassing poetry from my angsty teenage years to TMZ and Wikileaks. I’d never live it down and would be permanently relegated to the kiddy table at Thanksgiving.

It would be bonzo-terrific if Dreamhost provided some sort of interface, like say the pretty standard secure dynamic DNS update mechanism of BIND8/9 (see http://linux.yyz.us/nsupdate/ ) to allow me to use bog-standard utilities to script my dynamic DNS updates. I’m fairly certain I can constrain my scripts’ wayward tendencies towards Bieberdom if I could use such simple tools to do my DNS updates.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Good news, everyone! This already exists.

Awesome! This will do nicely. Thanks for reading my mind!