FEATURE REQUEST: One click mySQL backup

I wish DH would add a one click backup, where we can download our SQL data for backup purposes with one click.

yes… we can write a script or use phpadmin, but it would sure be easier to just click a link on the DH control panel

Like this one?


It covers a lot more than just SQL, but that’s probably a good thing! :slight_smile:

Thats useful, but not if I want to do a weekly or even more frequent backup of one mySQL data base.
That full backup is time intensive to create and to download… plus I would want to keep a few generations of it, as I would if I can backup a single or a couple mySQL data bases

but thanks - I do use that once in a while

I use run this as a cron job to backup my databases. I know its not a “button” (GUI is overrated anyway ;-), but its super easy to set up and highly configurable. You can essentially “set and forget” (except for copying the files off-site once in a while). Better yet, you can tell the script to back up all databases using a specific user (e.g. “backup”), and then when you create a new database, instead of editing the script again to add the database, you just add the user to the database.

Also, It can be set to automatically rotate backups, and you can configure it to keep daily, weekly, monthly yearly backups of your databases. Automation is a sysadmin’s best friend.


thank you - it looks great - but not sure how to implement it yet…