Feature Request - new variable for mailing lists

I sent a message about this to Dreamhost support, and they said I should post it here.

It would be useful for various reasons to be able to include a mailing list member’s name to a URL when sending out a mailing list or announcement list message.

Right now, it is possible to access a mailing list member’s name with this variable:

This is fine for most purposes, but, if the name includes a space, as many names do if you have both a first name and last name, it will break a URL.

For example, let’s say you make this URL:


Then it will appear in the mail that is sent out like this:

http://example.com/webpage?name=Firstname Lastname&email=person@examplemail.com

Most email clients, like Gmail, will recognize the URL as being clickable, but they will only make it clickable up to the space that comes after “Firstname”. Without getting into too many details about the kind of effect this can have, it’s sufficient to say that this doesn’t work.

I think a simple fix is to create a new variable called:

This variable is equal to --name–, except that it is URL encoded, or at the very least, spaces are replaced with + characters.

So, when using this variable, you could create a link in your message to the mailing list that looked like this:


And the recipients would see:


Then this link is clickable and the website receives all the correct data.

I hope this feature is simple enough to be implemented quickly, as it would help my website a great deal. Thank you.

What is your script written in?

There be be a function or library you can use, for example for PHP check out: http://php.net/manual/en/function.urlencode.php

[quote=“LakeRat, post:2, topic:63806”]
What is your script written in?[/quote]

Thank you for responding, and sorry for my late response, as I was unaware there had been any replies.

Your question makes me think my post might be unclear in some way. Announcement lists are only accessible through the Dreamhost Control Panel, and so it is not a matter of scripting languages. Announcement mails are constrained by the features offered by Dreamhost in that interface.

If I were able to send messages to announcement lists via a custom web interface of my own making, I might be able to construct a workaround, but as far as I know, that is impossible (there does seem to be a workaround for discussion lists, but announcement lists are definitely constrained to the Control Panel only).

I don’t think there is anyway for a user to apply any scripting language to an announcement list, but if there is, please let me know.