Feature request: Email notification on instance creation/deletion

This is a feature request. I would like to get an email notification when an instance is created, suspended or terminated etc.

The creation of an instance takes a few seconds: would it be really that useful to get an email? On cloud.dreamhost.com, you get visual feedback of the instance being created. When using tools like Ansible to create and configure instances you don’t need to do anything special to wait for creation to succeed, just let Ansible poll the cloud and continue as soon as possible.

Suspension and termination, also take a few seconds. And if a termination is done by DreamHost Tech Support for any reason, customers get an email in those cases.

Can you elaborate on why you would see the value of such automatic emails?

This is partly for security. If my account is compromised, and someone creates or destroys instances, I will at least get to know.