Feature Request: Email BlackList *@*

I’d like to set up some email addresses for kids. In order to control their email carefully while they’re still young, I’d like to be able to set up a junk mail filter that puts “@*” as a low-priority blacklist entry, then add the addresses they ARE allowed to email as higher-priority whitelist entries.

I understand this is for incoming email only, but that’s half the battle, with kids: this way I can ensure 0 spam emails incoming, and that they can exchange email only with those I’ve explicitly allowed. Applying whitelist/blacklist filtering to outgoing email would be a follow-up feature request.

For now, can we please just have the ability to add “@*” as a catch-all filter on a black-list? That seems to be an easy feature to add.

See if that’s already in the Suggestions list and vote for it if it is. Otherwise, add it to the list so others can vote for it.

If I were to attempt this, I’d experiment with existing filters. You can blacklist everything by Deleting if From Does Not Contain “MYSECRETCODEWORD” and then start adding whitelist filters that add a benign header before this that Execute and Stop.