Feature Request: auto-delete in SPAM folder

After a long chat with someone in tech support today I finally confirmed that my spam filters seem to be functioning normally – they’re just catching a LOT of spam and it piles up in that folder pretty quickly (at least 100 a day). I was seeing this in Apple Mail>Unread Messages until I figured out how to hide the SPAM folder from that filter so as not to see all that garbage mixed in my Inbox. BUT, it’s still building up in that folder.

How about you alter the mail filters dropdown to include FOLDERS? That way we could configure a mail filter that automatically deleted anything in the SPAM folder? Or barring that, give us an option to delete the contents of that folder like once a week so that gives us time to dig for any legit messages that might’ve been caught by the filter (though with my account this is rare) and then allow things to be deleted without us having to take any action to do so.

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You can kinda do that by setting your own filter. However, you could delete good email and on accident, so I wanted to make sure you understand that.

Anyhow, using custom mail filters, you can do all kinds of stuff to your mail. For instance, filter mail that has the X-Spam: Yes header, and delete it, or put it in a folder for checking, or whatever.

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