Feature Request: Allow CloudFlare for non "fully-hosted" domains


I have a couple domains that I host on blogger and other websites… for them I only use Dreamhost for managing DNS and some email shenanigans.

I had enabled CloudFlare manually in DNS and whatnot, but that kind of sucks because then I have to remember that DNS changes have to be done on cloudflare’s website not dreamhost.

There isn’t any technical reason I can think of why you should restrict the “Add Cloudflare” button to only work for “fully hosted” sites.

Why not allow any site, even mirrored or google hosted to be cloudflare enabled?

It’s only an issue because I’d rather keep all my domains DNS changes under one roof (dreamhost).

Thanks! Rock on Dreamhost!


I don’t believe it’s technically possible Google-hosted domains can use CloudFlare. Even if they can, it wouldn’t make much sense to do so — Google has far more servers, in many more places, than CloudFlare does. Enabling CloudFlare would only slow things down.

Mirrored domains are kind of complicated; I’ll check around internally to see what obstacles (if any) there might be to making mirrored domains pick up the CloudFlare status of the domain they’re mirroring.

The remaining three types of domains (parked, redirected, and cloaked) don’t make much sense to use CloudFlare with, as they contain no content, and will should not, in most cases, receive a significant amount of traffic.


Thank you for the reply!

Interesting. I know it is possible since I’ve been using CloudFlare for both mirrored and google hosted domains for a while… and it seems to be working fine.

I respect your opinion but IMHO it does make sense because cloudflare offers services, security, optimizations, apps, etc that google doesn’t offer, which is why I use them (even for blogs).

As far as redirected and cloaked domains go, sure, I can understand that. I mostly use them to redirect to my main domain, which should be protected by cloudflare anyway.

I have some domains that I just use DreamHost for DNS that I’d like to keep using DreamHost for DNS, even after I enable CloudFlare. In this scenario your web panel doesn’t support it, and I have to go use CloudFlare to edit DNS. That is what I’d like to avoid.

So perhaps you could add a “connect to CloudFlare account” in the DNS section of Manage Domains?

I’d just rather have all my domains and DNS edits be in one place (dreamhost) and not spread out between dreamhost and cloudflare.

Again, thank you for the response and for investigating this.