Fear and moving site? Wordpress

I was not sure where to post this, so here it goes. I am already a member, however I am overseeing a 1.5.1 Wordpress site on another host. I want to move the Wordpress site to Dreamhost. Now, whats the easiest way to move such a site over without losing all its content. I am nervous because the site has over a quarter of a million hits on it and has had content added to it for about 6 years, and so losing any data would be terrible.

Can anyone point me to a safe procedure. Id like to get it up and running as a copy of the original site and then transfer the domain and sync it all.

Wisdom is appreciated! Mkwick

Excluding email, which is challenging, you need to copy over your domain directory, and the database:
If you have Shell access at both ends:
Otherwise, you’ll have to FTP everything home, and then here, unless you have FXP which lets you connect to both servers at the same time to copy stuff over.



okay, thanks, I appreciate the direction.
I will look at the options, happily email is one thing I wont have to move…

thanks! mkwick

In addition to the excellent resources Scott provided, I want to point you to WordPress’s own codex for a great discussion of what is involved.

This WordPress Codex article on Moving WordPress covers it all, and probably better than I could write it. Highly recommended!

–DreamHost Tech Support

“probably better than I could write it”…

Not a chance. You could do a far better job Robert!

How much free time do you have these days mate? Extra wrinkles yet? Grey hairs?

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I just moved my WordPress blog over from 1and1 a few days ago. All you have to do is backup your db and files, edit the config.php, look for references to your old host’s files in the db and replace, and reupload the files.

Thanks guys, this will help alot!