Fax phone number

just last night i bout hosting,
i was notified by email that i need to autorize my payment with the crditcard,
by sending a fax with my signiture…

the problem is, im not from your state, so im not 100% sure that your fax number that has been sent to me is not missing some digits, for those how are not calling from within state.
please tell me if it is not currect.

I payed with a credit card and never had to send my signature in. Are you sure that email was from DreamHost? Anywho, for faxing out-of-state, all you need is the area code + the rest of the number: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Your account information has been submitted and is currently pending approval of your
payment information.

If you are paying by credit card, please print out the authorization form at

and fax it to us at **. The amount to fill in on the form is

This is for your protection as well as ours.

You will receive another e-mail with further instructions when your account
is activated!

you didnt get such a massage ?
im pretty sure its from Dreamhost.
can any admin explain to me what i need to do ?

I am an overseas customer; when I signed up over a year ago, I did receive such a request from DH. I complied with the instructions and faxed over my completed form.
All the best,

Ye, DreamHost sometimes asks for that, not everyone though.

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You can get a massage by e-mail now? Cool!

– Dan

Seems like dreamhosts fax number is: 1 (323) 583-9505