Fax Not Working?

I’m trying to fax over our 501c3 letter for the offer of free hosting, but the faxes aren’t going through.

I’ve tried faxing it three times, to no avail. The error messages state “no answer,” and “hang up or line fail.”

I’ve also been reading around on the forums and it looks like Dreamhosts’ limited source for tech support–this forum–this could be an issue? I’ve tried looking around for help on this issue, but am only permitted to contact Dreamhost via this forum (with the exception of the “buy-back phone call plan.” This is a very exclusive and one-sided form of tech support).

Have you tried calling the fax number with a regular phone to hear if it’s picking up?

DH Support can be had in multiple ways: Submit a ticket via the panel, the Contact form accessible from their main site, and email if you send from your User ID’s email address, and the callback. These forums aren’t an official channel for support, but we’re fortunate that some staff frequents the forums.

I’m having this same problem. Has anyone been able to contact DH by fax recently? Is putting in a support request the best/only way to deal with this?