Fax back with virtual credit card

how can i make an imprint of a virtual credit card???

i can not make a imprint so can i cancel the account and reopen it with a different credit card that is NOT virtual or can i just fax in a imprint of a different one and you will refund the old one and charge the new one?

You’ll definitely have to contact DH staff. They sometimes visit the forums but they probably wouldn’t handle a request like that through the forums.

I certainly would hope they would be able to handle the situation.

I do think it’s about time that they put just a bit more notification in the system.

Signup from the US was so painless (because it’s easy to identify us Ugly Americans) it’s a shame that the rest can’t get the same quick service.

Fraud is rampant and the fax trick really does stop the stolen cards from being used. (see another earlier message from DH staff)