FAX Authorization Form

In the ‘STEP 1’ of FAX Authorization Form.

I can fill the field with the credit card owner or only my name?

Because i use the credit card of my company.


Quoting from the FAX Authorization Form, STEP 1 says;

[color=#0000CC]“I, _____________________________________ authorize New Dream Network dba DreamHost to charge my credit card with the amount of…”[/color]

I would assume you would put your name there, as you are the individual authorizing the charge to your companies credit card.

To be sure, perhaps you should ask DreamHost support, either via the support section of the panel or via this contact form.


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I will suggest you to check with dreamhost’s support team. I think it should be the name of the credit card holder because the form is to indicate that you have the right to use the credit card.

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Yes. I check.

The name is used.

for the benefit of future readers, which name did they want? the name on the card or your name?

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I wonder why Dreamhost need a fax with authorization to use my credit card ?!

Thanks for help.